Pastor James

From micro-credit borrower to an award winner

Pastor James is 45 years old and is standing outside his house, counting sheep to find out whether all of them have come in from feeding. Slowly, he counts as the animals criss-cross one another. Finally, he is able to count all the sheep – 31. He also checks the state of the animals to ensure that they are all healthy. He nods with satisfaction and gratitude at what the Lord has done for him in the last few years.


A few years ago, Pastor James did not have any animals, and it was difficult for him to have sustained income throughout the year. Fortunately, he heard about an opportunity for micro-credit in his community, through CCFC along with local partner, Presbyterian Farmer’s Training Child Development Program (PFTCDP). He signed up and purchased sheep with the funds received through the program. “With a little hard work and commitment, I now have 31 sheep, 17 goats and 34 fowls,” says Pastor James. “Thanks to CCFC and PFTCDP, I have been able to pay the credit I took, I have also constructed a rain water harvesting tank and constructed two soak aways in my house. In addition to this I have been able to send my son to the polytechnic where he is studying Accounting”. “I am really amazed at how a little seed has multiplied,” says Pastor James’ wife, Ruth. “I was very skeptical about this project considering the number of dead and missing animals we have witnessed. This has actually been a dream come true.”

What We Do

We work to protect and improve the lives of children by helping them realize their basic human rights – nutritious food, clean water, health care and education. We empower children to grow up confident, know their rights, be active in the community, and take the lead in their own change.
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