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Want to supply medical equipment for CCFC-PROMISE project?<\/h1>\r\n

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Hope and Excitement for Mariam at Last<\/h1>\r\n

Six-year-old Mariam laughs and plays with her friends, despite the bandages on her arm. It is difficult to imagine anything but happiness for this young child, however, at the early age of three, Mariam had an accident which caused her arm to be severely burned.
Mariam lives in a small farming town of Zogu, just outside of Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana. Here, traditional medicine is often the first choice for parents, and Mariam\u2019s were no exception. When she burned her arm, Mariam\u2019s parents did not take her to the nearby medical clinic, but instead, relied on traditional medicine, which was unable to meet her needs.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"}]}