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Want to supply medical equipment for CCFC-PROMISE project?<\/h1>\r\n

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Protecting children from early and forced marriages<\/h1>\r\n

Fall 2014<\/p>\r\n

Amina is 16. Her classroom, once filled with the chatter of many girlfriends, the squeaks of their chairs, and the scrapes of their pencils, is quieter than it once was. One by one, friends stopped coming to school. Friends, like Memuna. She was secretly married, likely to a much older man, in exchange for money or property. Amina feared it would happen to her. Her mom had been forced into an early marriage, and for a while, Amina lived with her grandparents. Like other village elders, they followed the old traditions. The devastating effects of early and forced marriages are well documented. While still children themselves, girls are exposed to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Child brides almost always become pregnant immediately, or soon after marriage, a major risk to mother and baby. And, marriage often means the end of a girl\u2019s education, and the opportunity to learn a vocation and escape poverty.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"},{"id":"131","title":"From micro-credit borrower to an award winner","alias":"from-micro-credit-borrower-to-an-award-winner","introtext":"


From micro-credit borrower to an award winner<\/h1>\r\n

Pastor James is 45 years old and is standing outside his house, counting sheep to find out whether all of them have come in from feeding. Slowly, he counts as the animals criss-cross one another. Finally, he is able to count all the sheep \u2013 31. He also checks the state of the animals to ensure that they are all healthy. He nods with satisfaction and gratitude at what the Lord has done for him in the last few years.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"},{"id":"130","title":"Cooks at Gburimani Ahmadiya School","alias":"cooks-at-gburimani-ahmadiya-school","introtext":"


Cooks at Gburimani Ahmadiya School<\/h1>\r\n

From:504 Success Story 2014<\/p>\r\n

In Gburimani, Ghana, potable water is difficult to find. An extremely low water table makes it nearly impossible for a borehole or well to be built in the community. School children regularly go without meals, due to a lack of clean drinking water for cooking. Children at the local health clinic were unable to be cleaned or take medication, due to a severe shortage of water. In 2013, CCFC Ghana along with local partner, Baptist Child Development Program, built three 30,000-litre Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Gburimani, to improve access to drinking water for over 350 children each day.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"},{"id":"129","title":"Non-formal education opportunities in Jello","alias":"addressing-drought-in-burkina-faso","introtext":"

Non-formal education opportunities in Jello<\/h1>\r\n

Ensuring adequate access to education is one of CCFC Ghana\u2019s main priorities. In Jello, a community in the Northern Region of Ghana, children have to walk over six kilometres to a nearby town to attend school each day, making it nearly impossible, especially for the youngest children. A lack of education leaves little opportunities for the youth, and young women typically migrate to the capital city in search for work, or are forced into early marriage.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"},{"id":"59","title":"Hope and Excitement for Mariam at Last ","alias":"hope-and-excitement-for-mariam-at-last","introtext":"

Hope and Excitement for Mariam at Last<\/h1>\r\n

Six-year-old Mariam laughs and plays with her friends, despite the bandages on her arm. It is difficult to imagine anything but happiness for this young child, however, at the early age of three, Mariam had an accident which caused her arm to be severely burned.
Mariam lives in a small farming town of Zogu, just outside of Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana. Here, traditional medicine is often the first choice for parents, and Mariam\u2019s were no exception. When she burned her arm, Mariam\u2019s parents did not take her to the nearby medical clinic, but instead, relied on traditional medicine, which was unable to meet her needs.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"}]}