Hope and Excitement for Mariam at Last

Six-year-old Mariam laughs and plays with her friends, despite the bandages on her arm. It is difficult to imagine anything but happiness for this young child, however, at the early age of three, Mariam had an accident which caused her arm to be severely burned.
Mariam lives in a small farming town of Zogu, just outside of Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana. Here, traditional medicine is often the first choice for parents, and Mariam’s were no exception. When she burned her arm, Mariam’s parents did not take her to the nearby medical clinic, but instead, relied on traditional medicine, which was unable to meet her needs.

“We thought that the burns will heal, because she was still a child but it did not heal,” said Mariam’s mother. “Instead, the damage only got worse over time. Many people recommended that I take her to the clinic but I was afraid of the costs since I did not have the money”. “Many of the children did not want to come near me or play with me,” explained Mariam. “I was shy to show my hands, and I could not play with the other girls because I could not clap and jump, like them.  It was really difficult”. Staff of Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, along with local partner, Tuma Kavi, approached Mariam and her family to provide assistance. Upon consultation and assurance of financial support from CCFC in aid of Mariam’s medical condition, her parents agreed that she be taken to the hospital in Tamale. She received plastic surgery which has allowed Mariam to regain full use of her hand. Mariam is now enrolled in a CCFC supported school in Zogu, and is able to write like any other child in her class, without difficulty.

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