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Protecting children from early and forced marriages<\/h1>\r\n

Fall 2014<\/p>\r\n

Amina is 16. Her classroom, once filled with the chatter of many girlfriends, the squeaks of their chairs, and the scrapes of their pencils, is quieter than it once was. One by one, friends stopped coming to school. Friends, like Memuna. She was secretly married, likely to a much older man, in exchange for money or property. Amina feared it would happen to her. Her mom had been forced into an early marriage, and for a while, Amina lived with her grandparents. Like other village elders, they followed the old traditions. The devastating effects of early and forced marriages are well documented. While still children themselves, girls are exposed to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Child brides almost always become pregnant immediately, or soon after marriage, a major risk to mother and baby. And, marriage often means the end of a girl\u2019s education, and the opportunity to learn a vocation and escape poverty.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"}]}