Cook getting water from a water tank

Cooks at Gburimani Ahmadiya School

From:504 Success Story 2014

In Gburimani, Ghana, potable water is difficult to find. An extremely low water table makes it nearly impossible for a borehole or well to be built in the community. School children regularly go without meals, due to a lack of clean drinking water for cooking. Children at the local health clinic were unable to be cleaned or take medication, due to a severe shortage of water. In 2013, CCFC Ghana along with local partner, Baptist Child Development Program, built three 30,000-litre Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Gburimani, to improve access to drinking water for over 350 children each day.


Since the completion of this intervention, there has been an increase in access to water, and a reduction of water-borne diseases in the community. School children are now able to spend more time playing and learning from one another. “The new water tank has helped us greatly. Now, we do not need to have children fetch water for cooking their food,” explains Sayibu, as she happily collects water from a new tank provided with the support of CCFC.

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